1. Why should I use Danielle Neil Photography?
    Danielle’s clients are looking for high quality, unique pieces of art to display in their homes. Danielle has been a professional photographer since 2008. Prior to photography, she was a corporate graphic designer for over 11 years. She holds both a Certificate in Photography and a Bachelor of Fine Art in Art and Technology. She continues her photography education with yearly seminars, conferences and workshops to keep up on current trends in the industry. She is also a member of the Professional Photographers of America. Danielle uses professional Nikon equipment.
  2. Why is photography so expensive?
    Quality, custom photography by a trained portrait photographer is not an option for everyone. Danielle’s services are priced to offer a premium service and products to her clients. She spends a minimum of 15 hours on each session including prep time, photographing, image editing and viewing appointments. For more information on the cost of custom photography, please read the blog post: Why Does Custom Photography Cost So Much?
  3. How much do most people spend?
    Most of Danielle’s clients spend anywhere from $500 to $2,500. Everyone’s needs are different. Clients are encouraged to think about why they are purchasing professional photography and how they would like to display those images. Some clients choose a large piece of art for their walls while others opt for a beautiful album of their images. There are many options to help customize pieces that will compliment your home and your needs.
  4. What does the session fee cover?
    The session fee covers Danielle’s time and talent to create your portraits including the session itself, image editing, minor retouching and a viewing appointment. 
  5. Can I get a session disc?
    Digital files for printing 8×10 and smaller are offered. These files include a Limited Use License Agreement for personal printing needs.
  6. Is studio photography available?
    Choose from a studio session for one or two subjects or an on-location session for any number of subjects. On-location sessions are held at either local parks, urban areas or in your home.
  7. When will I see my photos?
    Your viewing appointment is held 2-3 weeks after your session at the Boardman studio.
  8. How does a session at my home work?
    Don’t worry about your home being too small or cleaning every inch of your house before your session. If you choose a session in your home, Danielle needs a few areas with window light. She can create some great images in small spaces. Weather permitting, she will also photograph outside your home as well.
  9. What if it rains the day of my on-location appointment?
    For photos held outdoors, sometimes the weather does not cooperate on the day scheduled. In the event of inclement weather, reschedules are top priority. You will be notified no later than two hours prior to your session if Danielle feels that it will need to be rescheduled.
  10. What if I have to cancel my session?
    Please notify Danielle at least 48-hours prior to your session to reschedule. With 48-hour notification, you will be able to reschedule at no additional cost. If you are a no-show to your session or notify her less than 48-hours prior, you will be charged an additional session fee to re-schedule.
  1. Do you photograph newborns and toddlers?
    Unfortunately Danielle does not offer newborn and toddler portrait photography. Newborn photography requires safety precautions and special care. Danielle excels at children’s photography over the age of 3. There are many amazing photographers in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania that offer newborn and toddler photography that would be a better match for your newborn or toddler. 
  2. What should I expect during the photos?
    Danielle is laid-back and creates images without forced smiles. She’ll play games with your younger child or chat with your tween to make them feel at ease during the process. It’s meant to be a fun experience for the entire family.  
  3. What should my kids wear for their photos?
    Check out some of the blog posts with tips on What to Wear for portrait sessions.
  4. What if my child doesn’t cooperate during photos?
    Danielle will put your child at ease from the start of the session and will not push them. Make sure your child is well rested and has eaten before the session. That can make a world of difference in their behavior. Sometimes children will act up when their parents are watching them during the photos. If that is the case, Danielle will ask parents to play a passive role during the shoot and even to step away so that their child does not feel like they have to be “on” for their photos. She tries to keep the stress level low for children and the entire session very loose and informal to capture their little personalities. 
  5. What if my child is ill the day of photos?
    Please do not bring a sick child to be photographed. Please give at least a 24-hour notice if your child is not feeling well. If you must cancel your session due to illness, you will be able to reschedule one time with your session fee applied to another date. For reschedules due to anything besides illness, a 48-hour notice is required. 
  6. My family has a crazy schedule – can we book an evening appointment?
    Yes! Sessions are offered in the evenings. During the summer months, later appointments are available for on-location sessions as well.
  1. My dog is really high-energy, is that going to be a problem?
    Danielle works with dogs of all temperaments. She is prepared to work with any dog’s personality. View the video Behind the Scenes At A Dog Photo Session to see what goes on during the portraits. Your pet is more cooperative than you think. Danielle has a ton of patience and is easy going and tries make the photo session relaxing and fun for you and your pet. It is helpful if your dog knows basic commands like sit and down. If your dog does not know basic commands, has a short attention span or is extremely shy, plan on booking a standard session to allow enough time for great portraits.
  2. My dog has aggression issues towards people, can I book a session?
    If your dog has aggression issues towards people, contact Danielle to find out if a portrait session will work for your pet. If there is a good chance your dog may attack or bite while being photographed, a portrait session may not be a good idea.
  3. My dog is old or sick, can I schedule a session?
    Forever Sessions are offered for terminally ill or elderly dogs who have limited time left with you. Your pet will be photographed at the studio, your home or favorite park where they are most comfortable. Danielle is available on short notice for these sessions and will do her best to fit your pet into her schedule quickly.
  4. What will I do while my dog is being photographed?
    You’ll be involved in your pet’s session. You may be asked to walk with your dog or make noises to get their attention. And if you would like to be in photos with your pet, no problem, Danielle can do that too!
  5. What should I bring to my dog’s session?
    If your dog is food motivated, bring their favorite treats along. Danielle will bring along treats as well as noise makers. Favorite toys, balls and other items that your dog loves are also great to use to get their attention and to include in their photographs. And don’t forget any adorable outfits or accessories that you own for a few photos!
  6. My dog needs to stay on leash, where will we go?
    Leashes are not a problem! Danielle wants everyone, including dogs to be safe during the session. Leashes can be photoshopped out of your images at no additional cost. 75% of the dogs that she has photographed have been on leash for their session. A harness cannot be photoshopped out of images and will appear in the final photographs.
  7. I have multiple dogs and a few cats, is there a limit on how many pets can be photograph in one session?
    Danielle likes to limit the session to three to four pets for sessions depending on the age and breeds of the dogs. That gives her plenty of time for both individual and group photographs. If you have four or more pets, contact her to discuss options for splitting the session into two different shoots. 
  1. How many outfits should I bring and what should I wear?
    There is not a limit on the number of outfits. Typically, senior portrait sessions are 4-6 outfits, depending on what is brought and how quickly changing takes place. Please remember that wardrobe changes are part of your session time. Bring along a pair of comfortable walking shoes for on-location sessions, as we will walk around the area to use various backdrops. Included in the welcome packet mailed after your session is booked is a What to Wear guide to assist you in deciding on outfits.
  2. I’m in band or a sport, can I bring extra stuff?
    Of course — bring anything related to your activities! If you are involved in sports and would like to have photographs with your equipment, go ahead and bring it. Make sure to bring your jerseys as well. If you are in band or orchestra be sure to bring your musical instrument along. And don’t forget, Danielle is a pet lover, so bring your dog along for a few photos.
  3. My high school requires my yearbook photo to be plain. Can you do that?
    Please submit your specific yearbook photo requirements to prior to your session. During your session, Danielle will be sure to get a few photos to suit your yearbook requirements.
  4. Can I bring my parents, siblings and friends?
    Your parent(s) are welcome to come along for your session. Less is more when bringing people along. It is preferred that friends do not attend your session because you could become distracted or unable to relax.
  5. Don’t I have to get my senior photos done by my school’s photographer?
    You may have to have your yearbook photograph done by the contracted photographer, but you are not obligated to have an entire session done by them.
  6. When should I have my senior photos taken?
    The summer before your senior year is the best time for your photo session. It is typically when you have the least amount of extracurricular activities going on. Once school starts, the clock also starts ticking for yearbook deadlines. Every school district in the area has a different deadline, some as early as October. Others are due in January of your senior year. Be sure to plan ahead, Danielle requires that you should have your session done at least 4 weeks prior to your yearbook deadline.

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