The Votes Are In: The 2013 Cutest Dog Contest Winners

And the winner of the 2013 Cutest Dog Contest goes to … Ryder!! This adorable Fox Red English Labrador Retriever puppy had over 100 votes to clearly take this year’s title. The runner up is Tyler, a handsome Chocolate Lab. I cannot wait to photograph both of these adorable dogs. I’ve included the bios that their pet parents submitted with their entries, below.  Dog owners can always do a great job of explaining how amazing their pups are in just a few words!

2013 Cutest Dog Contest Winners

Ryder, 15-16 weeks old Fox Red English Labrador Retriever
Ryder is named after “A Christmas Story.” He is quite a character! He is very loving, playful, and so smart. He LOVES people, he will roll on his back and ask for his belly to be scratched. He enjoys a good game of fetch, chewing on his bones, especially sticks. He will try to carry one with him when it’s time to go inside. He has a routine where he has to lay on my lap every night before he sleeps in his crate for the night. He is very loud at snoring. He is my first Lab and I can’t imagine not ever having him in my life. I can say, he is a blessing. I found him a great comfort when my grandfather passed away two weeks ago. After I found out that he had passed away, Ryder crawled up to my lap and put his head on me. He looked up at me and never left my side. He is a wonderful dog. I am thankful for him!

Tyler, 9 year old Chocolate Lab
Tyler truly personifies the statement “a (wo)man’s best friend.” He is an 80 pound lap dog who loves to cuddle and watch TV. He enjoys playing outside, especially in the snow. His favorite toy is a stuffed duck that he cannot resist pulling the stuffing out of. Tyler has the ability to brighten anyone’s day with his loving personality.

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  • Ellen February 26, 2013 - 2:34 pm

    They are both such handsome dogs- I can’t wait to see you work your magic with your portraits of them!

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