Addi • Class Of 2019 Senior Cochranton High School Senior Photos

Meet Addi, a Class of 2019 Senior at Cochranton High School. And if you’re from the Youngstown area reading this blog post, you’re probably wondering where Cochranton is! It’s about a half hour North of Grove City in Western Pennsylvania. Now you’re wondering how the heck Addi ended up in Youngstown to do her Senior photos. I know Addi’s dad, who lives in the area and he contacted me about her Senior photos.

Addi picked the Premium Session for her Senior pictures and she opted for two separate sessions, instead of one extended photo shoot. We did her first session at Fellows Riverside Gardens in Mill Creek Park. It was a beautiful and extremely hot day for outdoor photos. Addi was armed with some amazing outfits and a ton of clothes and accessories. I helped her narrow it down to the items that I thought would work best with the different backdrops that the park has to offer.

This Cochranton Cheerleader was calm and cool for her photos and the resulting images are just stunning. We had a great time at her session and I’m looking forward to her Fall session that is coming up in just a few days. This time around we’ll have cool temps in place of the hot ones. In the mean time, here are a few photographs from her late Summer senior photos.

cochranton senior photos girl kneeling blue dress youngstown mill creek park

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fellows riverside gardens mill creek park senior photo girl

mill creek park senior pics girl sitting at fountain

outdoor senior portraits youngstown ohio girl in blue dress


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