Adopt – Don't Shop! December Adoptables from Pets Without Parents

I wanted to get in one trip to Pets Without Parents for the month of December. Hopefully all of these pets will find homes in time for the holidays. With Christmas right around the corner, it’s a great reminder to adopt a dog or cat instead of buying  one. There are so many great reasons why adoption outweighs buying. Here are a few.

1. You’ll save a dog or cat’s life. Many shelters euthanize animals every year because there are too many that need homes and too few homes. With that said, Pets Without Parents is a no-kill shelter, so animals in search of a home stay there until they find their new parents.

2. You’ll save some cash. Purchasing a dog through a breeder or pet store can be extremely expensive. Spencer was less than $200 when we adopted him and he was already neutered and had his first round of puppy shots.

3. You’ll get a healthy pet. Most shelters have the animals taken to the vet within days of their arrival. They’re checked out for any major issues and if they have not already been spayed or neutered, they will have that procedure done and also receive any wellness shots that they will  need.

4. You’ll have a best friend forever. I’ve talked to a lot of pet owners who have rescued their current dogs. Every single one of them say that they feel like their pet knows they gave them a better life! And who doesn’t want the unconditional love of an animal!

Don’t forget to check out the beautiful dogs and cats below, that are in need of a home! I’ve started buying accessories for the dogs’ photos. Be sure to check out Saphire’s cute scarf I picked up the other week. Also, the amazing necklace my friend made that little Miss Opal tried out!

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