Dog Portraits For Rascal At Boardman Park {Ohio Pet Photographer}

Another session from my recent jam-packed trip up to Northeastern Ohio. Family birthday parties, dinner with friends and a dog photo session = good food and a lot of dog kisses!

One of my best friends, Kristie, is the proud human of Rascal. And he is just that, a little rascal! A few months back, we had planned photos for this sweet dog, but a few weeks beforehand, he had gotten into the garbage. Long story short, it he required surgery and was in no shape for being in front of the camera (he donned the cone of shame for weeks). He is 100% better since his wrangle with the trash and we were ready to go this time.

Rascal cracks me up. You would think this 5-year-old Shih-Poo was just a puppy with all the of the energy that he has. He was all about the special treats Kristie had brought along. But this dog would much rather bark or even wave than sit for a treat. I have many outtakes of him mid-bark, waiting for a reward, because,  he did something to earn it. The waving is just too darn cute and this guy is definitely one of a kind, with the show he put on during his photos.

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon at Boardman Park for his photo session. We used a few different areas in the park for a variety of locations for Rascal. We started out down one of the trails and besides the two dogs and their owners walking in front of us, we never saw anyone else back there. It was perfect, I had this little dog’s full attention to create some lovely images with the wooded area as the canvas for his portraits. We then headed over to the Community Center for some additional images along the entryway and sides of the building. Kristie was able to take him off leash at this point so I could capture some action photos of him as well.

black and white dog portrait

dog tilting head for photograph at Boardman Park in Ohio

dog running across green grass with tongue hanging out and tail in the air

happy black shih-poo looking up

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