Lydia — Crestview High School Class Of 2016 Senior Photos

Meet Lydia, my first client from Crestview High School! Her dad is actually one of the landlords at the building where my studio is located. When he first called me I figured something happened at the office, but instead he was just calling to book a quick studio session for Lydia’s senior photos.

Lydia had been down South over the summer and actually had senior photos taken at a plantation! I was pretty jealous at the thought of doing a photo shoot at a beautiful southern plantation. But thrilled that they liked my work enough to want to do an additional session at the studio.

I captured some great images of her and we had a good time during her photo session. As Lydia was getting ready to leave, she spotted my blingy curtain hanging up in the storage room and loved it. I asked if she wanted to do a few more shots with the curtain and she was super excited. I’m so glad that curtain caught her eye, because they picked one of those photos as a wall portrait to display at her parent’s house!

Here are a few favorites from Lydia’s photos!

boardman ohio senior studio photographer


crestview high school senior photography

crestview ohio senior photographer

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