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It was a busy day this past Monday at Alchemy Acres. While we had a list of dogs to photograph while I was there, I was only able to get to about half of them. The rescue was short staffed that day and while the staff and a volunteer usually help me, they were tied up showing a dog to a potential new family. It was worth the break in action to see that one of the cuties I photographed a few weeks ago would be going to a foster home!

I was able to photograph a handful of dogs and two kittens this time. The dogs were, as usual, a hoot to work with. I quickly fell in love with Rocky as he came snorting through. They believe this little furball is part Pug (hence the snorting) and maybe Wirehaired Terrier. Whatever mix he is, I fell in love with his happy personality and the non-stop snorting. One of the volunteers that was assisting me laughed and commented that he was probably the loudest snoring dog when he sleeps.

I also got to meet George. What a sweet Beagle he is. George just arrived at Alchemy only two days before his photograph. He was still extremely skittish of everyone and everything going on around him. This poor fellow has a broken tail and was headed to the vet to get fixed up. It just breaks my heart how such a great dog ends up on the streets with a broken tail.

Below are just a few of the pets up for adoption. They all have special stories and are looking for their new homes. Take a look and remember to share with anyone you know that is looking for a new pet!

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  • Nicole June 28, 2013 - 9:48 am

    your animal photos are lovely! i am about to start volunteering as a photographer with a rescue organization in columbus; any tips?

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