Fall Dog Portraits in Westerville for Christmas Gifts!

I love when dog owners contact me about portraits of their pets for their spouses. Who wouldn’t love to open a gift of art of their furry best friend? Katie is one of those owners who wanted photographs of her two dogs, Giggsy and Laney, for her husband. After finding out more about the dogs and their personalities, we decided on a location in Westerville.

Since Katie was surprising her husband with these portraits, she came to the location by herself with the dogs. I figured it was in everyone’s best interest to get the individual images out of the way before attempting to get them both together for a photograph. We started with Laney, who is a Boxer and Lab mix. I love her coat – it is such interesting shades of browns and blacks with the prettiest pattern to it. She was adopted from Franklin County Dog Shelter when she was two years old and is a very sweet and submissive girl. Once I was able to capture some images of Laney, it was time to move on to  her brother, Giggsy. Both dogs are three-years-old, but Giggsy was rescued from the Clinton County Humane Society when he was just a baby at 8-weeks-old. Giggsy is full of life and was all over the place for his portraits. He has the most beautiful look. He is a combination of Husky, Golden Retriever and Shepherd. Both dogs were great and at times, we were able to have them both off leash without any issues. As long as Katie and I had treats or balls in hand for the kids, they were content.

I love the light at this location in Westerville, not far from Hoover Dam. A fellow photographer that I am friends with, recently told me about this area and I fell in love the moment I went to scout it out. I wish I owned this piece of property, I could photograph dogs, kids and families here every day and never be bored with the setting. The location made an amazing backdrop with the fall colors being in their prime that weekend. It was easier than I expected to photograph the dogs together. Again, there was always a ball involved to keep them motivated!

I’m so glad Katie selected me to photograph her dogs. I cannot wait to see which images she chooses for her husband’s Christmas gift!


portrait of two dogs in field during the fall

Not sure what they were checking out, but I love this moment.

dogs running in field as the sun started to set

We had their session pretty late in the day and this was one of the last images. I love the golden colors as the sun was starting to set and it looks like they were enjoying the session as well.

autumn dog photographer

Giggsy has the most amazing eyes!

Husky Golden Shepherd Mix

portrait of a boxer lab mix

Laney is such a happy girl!


Fall dog photo in park

This background was perfect for a low angle of her - I love how her colors go so well with the fall trees.


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