Guido & Josie Two Beautiful Italian Greyhounds

These two stunning Italian Greyhounds were probably the hardest of the group to photograph. I think there was just too much going on around them with the other dogs and all the people at the park that day. 9-year-old Josie was more concerned with everything and anything around her rather than getting her photos taken. 10-year-old Guido was following his owner and making sure he had tabs on what she was doing. Both dogs were so mellow and sweet, it just took a little bit of extra work on my part to get some beautiful images of them. A lot of passers-by kept asking if Guido and Josie were puppies since Italian Greyhounds are so much smaller than your typical Greyhounds. Terri told me that every time she’s out with these two people always ask about the breed and ages. Here are just a few of my favorite portraits of these two from their trip to the park for portraits.

Italian Greyhound Photographer

There's just something about the blue waterwall at Creekside in Gahanna. I had to get at least one photograph of the Greyhounds in front of it!

Italian Greyhound Photography

I love this angle of little Josie

Portrait Greyhound In Water

The backdrop of the water was just perfect for this image of Guido.

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