It's Kitten Season At The Rescue! {Columbus Photographer}

If you have been thinking about adopting a pet, the time is now. While there are always a few kittens looking for homes at Pets Without Parents, they are currently overflowing with them. Spring is typically the time of year when shelters begin to receive an overwhelming number of young kittens. This influx of kittens will be in full force over the next few months.

In 2011, PWP found homes for over 330 cats and kittens. I am sure this year’s numbers will be close to that or higher. It is just crazy to me how many homeless animals are out there! The average number of kittens a fertile cat can produce in a year is 3 litters of 4-6 kittens!

There will also be an influx of puppies this time of year. Most shelters are filled during the spring and early summer because it is the highest reproductive time for our furry little friends. It makes sense that May is National Pet Month and a good reason to get out there and adopt if you have been searching for a new best friend.

Take a look at the adorable faces below and be sure to share them with anyone you know who is looking for a new kitten, cat, puppy or dog! For every animal adopted, it makes room for another homeless animal to be taken in at the shelter.

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