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Having a new pup is definitely hard work! Right after we got Spencer from Pets Without Parents, George had to go out of town for work. I was home alone for one week with a new puppy, Baxter and a very confused cat. Needless to say it was a rough week for us all. The day after George returned home from his trip to Pittsburgh, I wanted to take Spencer out for his first round of portraits. George thinks I’m crazy because I’m going to do a puppy book with Spencer’s first year of photos. I think I’m a loving dog mom! And what dog photographer doesn’t go crazy photographing her own furbabies?

We couldn’t go too far for his photos since he’s only had his first round of puppy boosters. Being only 10 weeks old, he wasn’t really into listening to us. He was still learning his name and sometimes we could get him to sit. But with a little patience from everyone, I was able to capture a few photos of him.

Spencer just started his puppy obedience training. I’ve been Facebook friends with Nico Kramer from Animal Instincts Training for some time now. We chatted on the phone about Nico coming over for in home training to work with all three of our animals. I’m so glad I picked him as our trainer. He’s amazing with the animals and worked not only with the dogs, but also helped us to understand what will be going on in Spencer’s head as he starts to grow and mature. If you’re looking for a trainer in the Columbus area, I highly suggest Animal Instincts – Nico does an amazing job! But be warned, he’s not going to do it all for you. He’ll give you the tools to train your pup properly.

Puppy sitting on sidewalk looking up at camera

Here's one of my favorites from Spencer's photos the other day. How could you not totally fall in love with his little face?!?!


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