Location Scouting in Central & Northeast Ohio for 2012 Portraits

I’m always searching for new locations to use for portrait sessions and it’s a necessary part of my job as a photographer. Sometimes I stumble upon them when I’m just riding around Columbus. Once in awhile I see a photo that another photographer took and ask them if they would let me know where it was at. And then there are other times when I start Googling away to find new places that I’ve never been to before.

I love to offer my clients multiple choices for locations for their portraits, depending on their needs. Prior to their photos,  I work with my clients to find out what their location preferences are (park, urban, etc.) to figure out the best location, for the look they want. I have a list of places where I enjoy working and that continues to grow for each client’s needs. There are a lot of benefits to location scouting for both myself and my clients. I like to know what I’m getting into at each location before the session. I can find out the best spots with great lighting. It allows me to be more creative instead of worrying about where the next photo will be.

The other weekend I was in Youngstown for a bridesmaid dress fitting and decided to scout out a few locations for when I’m there again in the spring. Most of my Youngstown clients request their portrait session at Fellows Riverside Gardens. While I do love it there, I decided to venture around Mill Creek Park searching for some other great session location. Because the park is so beautiful, I was able to find a lot of different spots for next year, including the Lily Pond, which I don’t think I was ever at in all my years of visiting the park.

When I returned to Columbus I jumped in the car and headed to Newark to an area that I had heard about last year but never made it to. Oh my goodness, I’m kicking myself for not going there sooner! Wow – it was so beautiful and had such a vast area of trees and fields. I could photograph there 10 or 20 times and never have the same background for each session. I cannot wait till I can take a client here for their portraits. While it’s not in Columbus, Newark is so close that it’s worth the drive once you see this location!

Here are some snapshots I captured with my point and shoot camera while out scouting around. I’m excited to see what I can create at these beautiful spots!

mill creek park youngstown

I love Mill Creek Park - if I was closer, I would photograph there every week


central ohio landscape

I can't wait to shoot at this location in Newark!

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