Mill Creek Park Photographs Make Great Holiday Gifts

The holidays are around the corner. I cannot believe it’s already the middle of September! I have already started receiving requests for Mill Creek Park photographs for holiday gifts!

If you’re just visiting the blog and you aren’t from the Youngstown area, we have one of the most beautiful parks in America!! Mill Creek Park was founded in 1891 and today encompasses approximately 4400 acres in the Youngstown area. Within all that space we have a lot of beautiful attractions, including multiple lakes such as Lake Newport, Lake Glacier and Lake Cohasset. The Suspension Bridge, built in 1895, also known as the Silver Bridge, the Cinderella Bridge or the Disney Bridge. Of course, I also need to mention the jewel of the park, Lanterman’s Mill, built in 1845.

I have photographed many of the iconic spots in the park and have them for sale on Fine Art America. You can choose from canvas, art, metal, wood or acrylic prints. There are also Mill Creek Park greeting cards for sale on the site,  as well.

The below images are just a few of the photographs that I have for sale of our amazing park. You can use the link to see all of my Youngstown landscape photos.


Winter At Lanterman's Mill Covered Bridge

Winter At Lanterman’s Mill Covered Bridge

Lanterman’s Mill In The Fall

Lake Newport At Sunset

A Dog Loving Photographer Living In Buckeye Country