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Here is the next batch of doggie cuteness from the Sit.Stay.Smile photo event that benefited Friends of Fido MCDP. Get ready to ohhhh and ahhhh over some adorable dog photography!

Trish brought in Max for his quick photo shoot. Max is a 12 1/2 year old Dachshund. This sweet little old guy has already had not one, but two back surgeries during his life, so far. He was definitely one of the more chilled out dogs I got to work with during the event. And that sweet, sweet face. How could anyone not immediately fall in love with him!
sweet Dachshund christmas portrait

Next up is Ziva and Ben. Shirley came to the studio with a full bag of accessories for these two hams. All donned in their Christmas gear, they were ready to go! Ben sat on my red chair, patiently waiting for his photos. I think Ziva was expecting more of a playdate than a photo session!
holiday pet portrait dog christmas photo

Cali is a stunning 2 year old Rottweiler. And Cali sure knew how to rock the head tilt for the camera! She made my job so easy as she sat on the chair, tilting her head every time I made a noise. She did a wonderful job and I captured so many images of her.

Rottweiler head tilt photograph
Yogi came into the studio a few days early for his photos. His owner, Barb, was going to be on vacation during the event and I was able to squeeze them in before they left. I love the blue tiled backdrop against his tan Beagle-mix fur, it makes him look so regal!

professional dog photograph beagle mix
And then there’s Brooke’s too pups. We had a blast during their photos. Which also included a lot of drooling by both dogs. Rex is a 8 year old Boston Terrier and just the funniest little guy. I think you can see that personality in his photographs. Old man Louie is an 11-year old Coonhound mix. The old guy just wanted the whole production over with and wondered why Brooke brought him along for these shenanigans. I’m always excited when I can get two dogs to cooperate in a short period of time for a group shot. It’s typically one of the last of the session after they’ve calmed down a bit.

sweet boston terrier portrait on red chair coonhound dog photography

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