November Adoptable From Alchemy Acres In Salem, Ohio

40 plus animals were photographed this trip to Alchemy Acres in Salem, Ohio. I swear, it would take me a week straight to photograph all of the adoptable pets. But then some would leave and new ones would come in again and I would be back at square one! The time went by so quickly this time photographing the dogs and cats. I was shocked when I got home to see I had taken so many images that afternoon.

rescue puppies three weeks old white lab mixes

I wanted to take every single one of these little pups home with me!

While I was at the rescue, a sweet Lab-mix named Sugar came in. But Sugar was not alone. Her litter of three week old pups were brought in as well. Seven tiny little puppies and their momma. Sugar was so sweet and loving, she will quickly find a home with her great personality. I did photograph two of her pups, but since they are so young, we decided to hold off on photographs till my next trip to Alchemy. The little guys and girls still had to go to their first vet visit to get checked out and make sure everything is well with them.

I also had the chance to photography Beardy – the bearded dragon. Beardy is not up for adoption, he is actually one of Alchemy’s educational animals. When the staff and volunteers head out to various events, they sometimes bring Beardy along. He was the easiest creature of the day for me to photograph!

Below, you will find just a few of the animals that are currently up for adoption through Alchemy Acres. Be sure to check out their website to see the other amazing dogs, cats and animals that are in search of their forever homes.


bearded dragon

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  • Beth | Daily Dog Tag November 25, 2013 - 1:35 pm

    Such great photos of so many adorable adoptable pets! I hope they find forever homes soon.

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