So Many Puppies! { Ohio Dog Photographer }

It was another dose of cuteness overload at Alchemy Acres in Salem, this week. We had a long list of 30+ animals to photograph and most of them were dogs and puppies. The puppies get me every time. I want to take entire litters home with me. We had an active bunch with the “L” litter. Leroy, Lester, Leo, Les, Luther and Liam. These boys were amped up when they came into the room I photograph in. They were put in a large playpen and we had a jailbreak when Leroy was taken out. 6 little furry, wiggly puppy tails were flying around the room. Guess the boys did not want to be separated for even a few minutes for their photos. Once we corralled them back into the playpen, I figured it was a good time to get some puppy aerobics in. These little buggers had too much energy for photos. So we played and jumped and played some more. We got a little bit of that energy out of them for their photos. But they were still a handful!

Yet again, while I was there, they had another drop off. Although they are completely full, they couldn’t say no to the sweet pit bull mix that arrived Tuesday afternoon. Since they were on letter “P” I suggested Payton and they went with it. I love pitties and this one was so well behaved, especially for being found on the side of the road. Poor thing is a little too skinny right now, but the staff at Alchemy will take good care of him and get him all ready for his new owners.

Yes, the rescue is FULL. So if you are looking for a dog or cat, or know someone who is, please check out their current adoptable dogs and adoptable cats on the Alchemy website. They have every age you can imagine and a lot of different personalities and breeds to choose from. Take a peak at a few of them below!

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