New Year, New Adoptables from Pets Without Parents

While January is considered my month off from photographing to work on projects for the new year, I still try to make it out to Pets Without Parents as much as possible to take photos of the adoptable dogs and cats. George and I went last week, but a lot of the animals were at the vet for checkups, shots and to be spayed or neutered. We decided to go there again this week when we knew most of the animals would be there, waiting for their photographs so they can find homes. Between this week and last, I photographed over 25 dogs and cats who are looking for furever homes.

Lately, the cats have been giving us a run for our money while photographing them. This time around, Cole, decided he did not want to sit on the table for his photo. When the animals are not feeling so cooperative, we give them a break to play and check us out a little more. Most of the time that warms them up, especially after a good belly rub. George was holding Cole and well, little Mr. Cole didn’t want that either. Next thing I know, Cole had wrapped himself around George and was crawling up his back! Of course, I just wanted to get a few shots in, so I had George bend over and pretended he was just another flat surface. I grabbed my light, flipped that around and started photographing a much calmer cat. Sometimes I wonder if the volunteers and staff watch us and wonder what in the world we’re doing. But, anything to get a good photograph to find these pets new homes.

If you have room in your heart or home for any of these cuties, stop by Pets Without Parents to visit with them!



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