Rescue Me! Alchemy Acres Adoptable Pets In Salem, Ohio

They just keep on coming! This time, two adorable and feisty litters of puppies were part of the many dogs and cats I photographed at Alchemy Acres in Salem, Ohio this week. I love that I can donate my time to work with the rescue groups around Northeast Ohio. Did you know that more adoptions occur when there are better photographs of the pets online? The inquisitive head tilt of a puppy can melt hearts in an instant. The serious, soulful look of a senior dog can do wonders to help an older dog find a new home.

Every dog and cat I photograph has a unique story. A sweet dog turned in by their owners because they’ve lost their job and are losing their home. A kitten wrapped up in a blanket on the side of the road that someone just happened to stop and see what was inside. A family that wanted a puppy then decided that the puppy was too much work for them. A cat that his longtime owner passed away and no family members that want him. Add to that mix the sick animals who’s owners cannot afford the vet bills or do not want to deal with ongoing care. So many reasons why these animals are looking for the furever homes.

So take a look at the cuties below. Some are current residents of Alchemy Acres. What exactly makes an animal a permanent resident? These animals may not be able to be adopted because of various temperament, physical or mental needs. Sometimes these residents just need a very special owner who will take on their unusual needs. No matter what age or type of pet you’re looking for, they’ll have one that could be your perfect match!

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