Top 5 Myths About High School Senior Photography { Boardman Photographer }


Some of the most common questions or myths about senior photography that I hear are below. This quick post will be super helpful in answering your questions and helping you prepare for your senior portraits.

1. I have to use the school photographer for all of my senior photos.
No, no, no! For some local schools like Boardman and Austintown, you do have to use the school’s contracted photographer for your yearbook photo. BUT, you do not have to use them for the images that you want to share with family and friends. You are only required to use them for the yearbook and you are under no obligation to purchase any photos from them.

2. My friend can take my senior pictures.
I’m all for DIY projects. But for your senior photos, a momentous time in your life, do you really want to leave it up to your friend? Your friend may get an ok photo for the yearbook, but will it be something your parents want to hang on the wall to remember this time in your life? They throw a neat filter on your photo that looks ok now, but how will it look in 20-years? Probably like a snapshot your friend took.

3. I have to get all dressed up for my portrait session.
Your senior year and your senior portraits are all about you! If you love dressing up, go for it. If you’re a jeans and t-shirt kind of person, that works too! Remember, senior photos should reflect you and your personality. If you want to rock out your photos in your prom dress, let’s do it! If it pains you to wear anything fancy, go with your everyday looks.

4. I don’t know how to pose, what to wear, etc.
You don’t have to be a supermodel, a size 2 or have a brand new wardrobe for your senior photos. I’ll help you plan everything out perfectly after you book your session. I’ll help you pick the right location; I’ll work with you on your outfit choices if you have questions about what to wear, and of course I’ll pose you in the most flattering positions. I try to make the whole experience as stress-free as possible!

5. You make everyone look great!
Well, that’s not a myth, that’s the truth! It’s my job to make you look the absolute best for your senior photos!!

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