Adoptable Dogs and Cats In Columbus {Ohio Pet Photography}

When I walked into Pets Without Parents this week, I had no idea how many dogs and cats I would be photographing. It ended up being 31 animals! There were so many new pets that had arrived since my visit last month!

There are always heartwarming stories behind each pet there. Cora, a Pit Bull Terrier who is just three months old, may need to have her back leg amputated. She has a fracture in her leg that is not healing properly. This little girl is so sweet and just wanted to play and give kisses. George and I could tell there were problems with her leg, but hopefully it does not give her too much pain. The amazing thing about Pets Without Parents is that they cover the cost of major surgery for these animals, to help them achieve an amazing life instead of euthanizing them.

There were quite a few little Terriers, Chihuahuas and Miniature Pinscher Mixes. All these sweethearts came from a home that had too many dogs. I did not ask all the details, but it definitely sounded like a hoarding situation. Two of them in particular, Champ and Chase were extremely skittish and afraid. George and I cuddled with them and tried to calm them down before their photos, but everything is still too overwhelming for them right now. More than likely, they spent most of their lives in a cage and they are just learning to adjust to human interaction. I am sure that after these little pups experience the love and attention of the staff and volunteers at PWP, they will be loving everyone they come in contact with.

If you are looking for a new dog or cat or know someone who is, be sure to stop over to the PWP’s Petfinder page to learn more about all the pets that are in search of their forever homes.


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