Canine Couture: Bullet & Rex's Dog Portraits

If you’re a regular blog reader, then you might recognize Bullet and Rex. Last May, I photographed them at their home. On my most recent trip to Boardman, I got the opportunity to photograph them again.

If you cheated and already scrolled down to the photographs below, you’re probably wondering why the boys are all dressed up. Their “mom” is one of my closest friends and will be getting married next month. In her never-ending quest to incorporate the dogs in the festivities, she came up with a super cute idea. She decided to get portraits of them and use the pictures as centerpieces for the cocktail hour at her reception. While we were chatting about the session on the phone, we were also searching the internet and found these cute dog vests! The faux tuxes are just enough to be dressed up without looking like the boys were on their way to a costume party.

We picked Mill Creek Park for Rex and Bullet’s photo session. Funny, not one person commented about the dogs and their formal wear while we were at the park! As always, Rex was a lot more cooperative than Bullet was during the session. Bullet likes to walk out of the picture frame while I’m trying to photograph him. In the end, I was able to get portraits of the dogs both together and separate for their mom.

I can’t wait to see how this looks at the wedding. She’s also got some other tricks up her sleeve for the wedding day and the dogs. But none of them include the boys actually being there (sigh). I can’t wait to report back after the wedding with all the fun details!


dog with black and white tux

Bullet looked snazzy with his black tuxedo vest!

pet clothing photography

Rex went with a slightly different look in his white tuxedo and bow tie

dogs in formal wear tuxes

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