Cat Portraits in Gahanna {Columbus Pet Photographer}

Besides my work with the various rescue groups I volunteer with, I do not usually have the opportunity to photograph cats. After Carter’s Cutest Dog in Columbus photo session, his mom, Danyll, requested portraits of her two cats as well. I was excited for the chance to photograph Lexington and Thomas around their home in Gahanna.

Carter spent the day at dog daycare so that the cats would not be scared off by him. We headed back to their enclosed outdoor area to start off. Poor Thomas, he wanted no part in the photos. This 9-year-old Maine Coon made me laugh most of the time with his silly behavior. His mom thought that maybe he was afraid that the dog would come home at any minute and was not interested in me. We finally got Thomas to at least turn around so I was able to get more than butt shots of him! Lexington was not too sure about the camera either, but was slightly more interested in me than Thomas. Lexington is a 14-year-old Calico who was ready to be done and get in the house by the end of the session.

Needless to say, this session was a workout for me! Cats do not want to sit and stay. We had cat toys scattered throughout the back area including a laser pointer to get their attention. We then moved to the front of their home to get some additional portraits of the two of them. At this point, I think both cats were pretty worn out. Lexington was just laying on the stoop, basking in the sunshine. I was able to capture some great images of them checking out the foliage since they were so tuckered out.

Thank you Danyll for allowing me to photograph all your furry kids!

Columbus pet photos

Meet Lexington the Calico.


Calico portrait looking down

Maine Coon cat portrait

And Thomas the Maine Coon


cat sitting in chair for photograph in columbus ohio

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