The Cutest Dog in Columbus 2012: Carter's Photo Session

I admit, I get giddy before a dog portrait session. It never gets old! I get to meet a new furry friend, play a little and create images that their owners will cherish. Hands down, I think I have the best job ever!! Carter was the winner of the 2012 Cutest Dog in Columbus contest and I was so happy when his owner and I were able to work his session into her schedule.

We left Columbus and took a little drive out to Dawes Arboretum in Newark. I had stopped out there a few times to check out the grounds, but this was my first portrait session there. Dawes is just beautiful and even better, it’s dog friendly! What a great first session at Dawes with the winner of the Cutest Dog contest! Carter certainly enjoyed the area. There were so many new smells, sounds and creatures, that he had a blast.

I learned very quickly that I was not dealing with a food-oriented dog. My two crazy mutts cannot get enough food, so I am always slightly surprised when I meet dogs that are not fazed by treats of any kind. His mom and I both brought along other items to get his attention, which worked … most of the time. In the end, even minus treats, we had a very successful session. And how can I not fall in love with another Steeler’s fan, even if he is a dog?

Before you get to see any of his photographs – I wanted to share the little blurb his owner included with his contest entry. This dog had a bit of a rough start to his life, but I am happy to say he is just perfect now!

“This dashing fellow is Carter. He is a 3 year old Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd mix. He loves life, and just about everyone in it! Carter was a rescue pound pup who had a rough start in life and almost died of parvo. Luckily with some great care, he made a full recovery and lives life to the fullest these days. He is always up for a new adventure and is ready to go in the blink of an eye. He is a true socialite and charms anyone and everyone in his path. He loves the water, especially the beach. He dives straight into the waves and then comes out to bask in the sun. He also loves jumping on the boat and riding across the lake with the wind blowing in his hair. Along with his passion for water, Carter loves football. His favorite team is the Steelers and he roots faithfully for his team every week with his brother and sister (they are cats, Thomas and Lexi) after he herds them together to watch the game.”

cutest dog in Columbus 2012 winner

black and white photograph of dog running in grass

dog standing in front of blooming tree near pond

Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix portrait

Steelers football fan - dog

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