Columbus Dogs & Cats Up For Adoption

Many of the faces at Pets Without Parents were new additions this visit to the rescue. I was sad to hear a few of the puppies were at the vet for checkups the day I was scheduled to take photos. But I did photograph 12 wonderful dogs and cats this time. There was a group of super cute kittens there as well, but no need for photos since they were all spoken for! I’m always thrilled when there are animals that do not need photographed because they have already found their new homes.

I am glad that I can use my talent and free time to photograph the dogs and cats in Columbus that are in search of their new homes. Real estate agents post the best looking photographs of houses on the market, knowing that a quality photograph can be a make or break opportunity for a viewing. The same goes for professional photographs of the animals at rescues and shelters that are looking for their new parents. If someone is in search of a dog or cat to adopt, the better the photograph, the better the opportunity that they will stop at the shelter to meet that pet.

Rescue animals frequently battle a stigma that they are bad, untrained or sick. Many times, the owner is moving, no longer wants the pet or no longer has the time or resources to care for their animal. That is not the case! Rescue animals can thrive with the right owner and they form amazing bonds with their new parents. Two of the cats I photographed this time, Liza and Leo were returned to Pets Without Parents. In 2006, they were adopted as kittens from the shelter. The owner’s daughter left for college, so the owner decided she no longer wanted to take care of the two cats by herself! I cannot imagine just returning one of my amazing pets, because I did not “feel” like taking care of them. So now Liza and Leo are looking for a new home, together, where they can spend the rest of their lives blooming.

Take a look at the beautiful dogs and cats below that are in search of homes. Do you know someone who is considering adopting a new pet? Click one of the links at the bottom of this post to Tweet This, Share On Facebook, Email to a Friend or Pin on Pinterest. Let’s get these animals new homes so Pets Without Parents can house more pets in search of their new owners.


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