Will Your Photos Live Forever? {Columbus Photographer}

This weekend I was going through my notes from After Dark and during one of the classes, a photography mentor played the below video. Kodak released this ad back in 2005 and I’m ashamed to say, I had never seen it. Keep Me, Protect Me, Share Me is worth taking a few minutes out of your day to watch. Not only is it a reminder of why we should all print the photos we have, especially those of your family. Which, I still need to get caught up on. This brings up a blog post I had shared a while back, Will Your Grandchildren Be Upset With You?, that talks about the importance of printing your images for future generations.

This video also reminds me that I carry a huge responsibility to my clients. Their memories are in my hands. Whether it is a photograph of their toddler playing, high school senior moving on to the adult world or a sick pet who is a member of their family, their moments can live forever with my work. That is one of the reasons why I participate in educational opportunities and strive to become an even better photographer.  Also, I am pleased to offer the best quality work to my clients that will be handed down to future generations. I am blessed that my clients choose me to photograph their memories and moments.

Keep Me, Protect Me, Share Me and I will live forever.

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