2 Adult Labradors And A Cavalier King Charles Puppy

Nancy had contacted me in early September about photographing her three dogs. Two Labradors and one Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. Right off the bat, that sounded like a fun pack to work with. Since Charlie, the pup, is still a bit rambunctious, we decided the best option for a session would be at their home in Columbus.

Our first date for portraits had to be postponed. The weather was extremely hit or miss that day and with big, black storm clouds on the horizon, we thought for sure it was going to be a nasty rain. It worked out that just two days later, it fit into everyone’s schedules to have the photographs done.

I knew I was at the right house when I rang the doorbell and heard the pitter patter of paws, along with a lot of barking. Romo at 12-years-old was the oldest of the group. Being the old man, he did as he was told and performed fantastically for the camera. Friday, the “middle child” is 6-years-old and was too funny. While he did listen to commands, he was quick to move out of a pose or just wander off as I was ready to press the shutter. My noises did not work for either of the Labs, but they were certainly interested in my stinky dog treats. Charlie, well, he just wanted to sit on my lap and give out puppy kisses. While I would love to spend the entire time getting attention from the little cutie, it made for an interesting photo session having the dog on my lap more than in front of the camera.

Towards the end of the session we corralled the dogs together in hopes for a group photo. They all had a different idea, but I was able to capture a super cute photograph of the three of them together. I cannot wait to see which images Nancy selects to display her loving dogs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

CKC puppy photograph


dog photography chocolate lab

columbus ohio dog portrait in yard

ohio dog photography chocolate lab sitting in yard

close-up photograph of happy dog smiling

portrait of three dogs sitting in back yard - chocolate labs and spaniel puppy

The whole gang made it together for this shot. I think it’s so funny that the only one looking at the camera is the puppy!

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