Photographing the Three M's

The other week I headed over to Joyce’s home in Worthington to photograph her three Havanese dogs. Minnee, Magee and Moxee. When I first spoke with Joyce about photographing her dogs for a wall portrait I knew it would be a fun and eventful afternoon. These  three dogs were delightful! Minnee and Magee were ready to come home with me as soon as I arrived. Moxee on the other hand, is pretty skittish around new people. By the end of our session, I think I got Moxee to warm up to me as much as possible.

Since there were three dogs involved in this portrait session, we decided it best to keep everyone contained in the backyard. Easier said than done because these cuties were all over the place! This trio was all about playing, not being photographed. Especially since they’re all still pretty young at 3-years, 2-years and 7-months old!

The goal of this photo session was to capture all three dogs together, for a piece of wall art that Joyce will be giving to her husband. I brought along a basket and a wood milk crate for the photos, just in case the girls decided to not cooperate for their group shot. I’m so glad that I had that crate, because I just love the photograph of the three dogs in it! It took about 15 tries before we were able to get all three of them to not only stay in the crate, but to also put their paws up and look out. I think that Minnee, Magee and Moxee all tried to jump out at one point or another during that shot.

I had a great time photographing these adorable dogs! They were like three little fluffs of sunshine! Thank you Joyce for selecting me to be the photographer for your furbabies – it was a blast!

black and white dog laying on porch in back yard

Havanese dog with head tilted

Puppy standing in landscape area for portrait

Three Havanese dogs in wooden milk crate for portraits at home.

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