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On a quick weekend trip up to Boardman, I squeezed in a brief photography session for Carrie and her family. Carrie is George’s cousin and we adore their family. We had the chance over the summer to vacation with them in Myrtle Beach and had a blast. I knew this would be a fun photo session with their group.

The weather was far from cooperative that weekend, with on and off rain and very brisk winds. The goal was to have the dogs included in their family photos, but the dogs had a different idea about being included! We tried our hardest, to get them in the photos, George was even there to help corral the pups. But, the boys had zero interest in sitting still. In the end, it turned out being photographs of the dogs and photographs of the family, all of which I think turned out beautiful.

We had their portrait session at their home in East Palestine, so we could take advantage of the dogs being on their own property. Jack, the black Labrador, is 6-years-old and Harley, the grey Lab, is just a year old. You would think these two never get a bit of attention, which is far from the truth. They dogs made it very clear that if you were giving out belly or ear rubs to one, you better be giving them out to both!

By the time we finished up dog and family photos, the children’s noses and cheeks were as red as could be and the weather was not getting any better for us. Cold children equals very unexcited children for photographs. Since the weather put a little bit of a damper on the time we had to do the photos, I will be stopping back out at their home over Thanksgiving. I plan on creating some fantastic images of the kids for their Christmas cards.

Until the next round of photographs in Northeast Ohio, check out the portraits from their abbreviated session at their home.

Grey Labrador Retriever portrait outdoors

black lab portrait looking up

two lab dogs standing outside front of home for portrait

I love this image – they dogs are keeping an eye on everything going on in the yard!

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