Holiday Family Photos At Boardman Park

Typically when we do Kim’s holiday photo sessions, it’s just the kids. Here and there throughout the years, she and Jeff have jumped in for a family photograph, but it’s usually the little ones. They decided that it was time again for the whole family to get into the photos. The last batch of family photos for this crew was back in 2011! They were definitely due, since Jacob has been added to the mix since the last one.

This year, we decided to go to Boardman Park for their session. The kids, especially James, were so intrigued by Osage oranges, aka monkey balls, that were mixed in with the leaves at the park. They’re also known as green brains and that’s what James was calling them as he was throwing them around. It’s the little things like the monkey balls to keep the kids entertained during the photo shoot!

We knocked out their session pretty quickly and everyone was cooperating! Poor Jacob had a red, runny nose, but he was a trooper and put up with me chasing him around with my camera. Lilly, as always, is a great little assistant, helping me corral her brothers for their individual photos.

I’m so glad mom and dad got in on the photos this time. Kim always does a great job coordinating their outfits, so everyone looks great without being overly matchy. Here are a few of my favorite images from their photo session at Boardman Park. I love watching these kids grow up throughout the years and being able to document their growth. Kim and Jeff have a great wall display in their living room that we add new portraits to every year. The portrait display is quickly growing, and it’s such a fantastic way to display the kids’ journey!


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