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I can finally post some of these fun dog portraits from November now that Christmas has come and gone. First off is Tyson a wonderful 3-year-old Labrador and Boxer mix. What a cutie he is with his bow tie and all! Janet brought him in for the Friends of Fido event and he was so sweet during his shoot. Janet’s daughter used to own Tyson, but had to move out of the state. So Janet kept him so that her daughter could always see him while home visiting. Janet purchased an adorable storyboard of Tyson’s images for part of her daughter’s Christmas gift. What a great surprise and she’ll be able to see his sweet face every day even though they no longer live in the same house.

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dog photographer ohio
Next up is Valentino. There were a few reschedules while trying to get his photos done. Vicki wanted to have Valentino’s photos done as a secret gift for her son-in-law. The only problem is that when you’re trying to surprise the dog’s owner, it can be hard to sneak the dog out of the house! Of course, every time we tried to schedule the photos, her son-in-law was home from work for one reason or another. Lucky, we finally had a day where he would be gone for a little bit so we could get the photos in. This sweet Cane Corso Italian Mastiff had a stroke a few months back and has been on the road to recovery ever since. It took Vicki, her daughter Jen and myself to get him down the stairs and into the studio. Then the wood flooring wasn’t agreeing with him, so I spread out a soft rug for him to lay on. Valentino is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. Even when Jen put a cowboy hat on him for photos, he just laid there, looking at me. He was so fun to work with!

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Cane Corso Italian Mastiff photograph

cane corso wearing cowboy hat dog portrait

Last but not least is Opus. Opus belongs to Vicki and since we had Valentino’s photos done, we had to get a few of her pup too. This sweet Maltese is 14-years-old. He loved his photo shoot and just lounged around so that  I could take his portrait. Opus was the very last dog to come in for the Sit.Stay.Smile. event and we ended it on a great note with this laid-back dog.

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maltese studio portrait dog

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