Bridgette & Bowie At The Park { Ohio Dog Photography }

These two pups came together for the Kibble & Pics event at Boardman Park. I may have fallen in love with Bowie from the moment he flew out of the car. A bright-eyed, 6-year-old Boston Terrier has stolen my heart. Bowie was on the go the entire session. I think he liked me too. He would have preferred sitting on my lap getting love more than standing in front of the camera. It probably helped that I had a bag of treats on my hip and he knew that I would  generously give them to him. Bowie was such the ham and he is a rescue from Alchemy Acres! I must say, he could have a modeling career ahead of him after our quick session. Well, maybe not if he loves on all the photographers like he did me.

His older and wiser sister, Bridgette also had her pictures taken for the dog food drive event. Bridget, who is a 14-year-old Labrador mix was nothing like her hyper little brother. Bridget was exhausted from just watching Bowie during his photographs. There were points where she was yawning and about ready to fall asleep. We did her photographs at a much slower pace and I let the dog determine what the backdrop would be, wherever she wanted to lay down at. Her humans told me during the session that even though this lady may be old, she is still the pack leader at their house, to their multiple dogs. She will put every single dog in their place if they start acting up. You would never know it  from her calm demeanor and laid-back attitude.

I really enjoyed photographing these two dogs and I can only hope that their pet parents love the photos as much as I loved working with them!

boston terrier photograph sitting in front of blue barn door boardman park ohio

That one rare moment when Bowie was serious for a second.


similing dog portrait with green grass ohio

And then he was all smiles for me.

boston terrier park flowers head tilt park ohio

I love when dogs rock the head tilt for their photographs!


Older rescue dog sitting in grass in Ohio park for portrait

Sweet Bridgette, just relaxing for her photos.

Happy dog photograph at park

The one and only time this old gal was excited that I had treats.

beatiful park flower with dog portrait ohio

I think this is my favorite image of Bridgette – looking at her humans with a big smile on her face!


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