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With Fall right around the corner, we had perfect, although a bit warm, weather for a late Summer photo session. Yet another dog from the Kibble & Pics dog photography event at Boardman Park. I just adore the area of the park by the St. James Church. Quiet without a lot of foot traffic, it was the perfect spot for dog portraits with no passersby or things to sidetrack the dogs.

What happens when you mix a Labrador and a Doberman? You get a supper fun, loving and high energy dog named Salem! This 10-month old rescue from New Castle, Pennsylvania came to Boardman for her photographs.

Salem’s humans were excited to have her professionally photographed. While everyone has snapshots of their dogs, black dogs can be the hardest to get good photographs of, with your point and shoot or camera phone. This beautiful dog was adopted from Alchemy Acres earlier this year. When you first look at her, she doesn’t look like a puppy, but don’t let this big girl’s size fool you, she’s still a silly little pup! I love working with every dog I meet, but puppies are the best. So full of energy and so curious about every little detail around them.

For being a puppy, Salem did amazingly well for her portraits. I was able to create some fun images of her. I had a great time at her quick session and cannot wait for her humans to see her photographs.


black dog at park for portrait

Salem is such a happy girl!

black lab domerman mix portrait blue barn door pennyslvania

Oh those eyes!

beautiful black puppy in park portrait with trees in background

Still not tired from the photos, but at least she decided to take a little break for some photos.


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