Out of the Office & Headed to Texas {Columbus, Ohio Photographer}

The office will be closed Saturday February 25th – Sunday March 4th. A brief trip away from Columbus as I head to Dallas, Texas for another After Dark experience. Last year, I made it to the After Dark in Charlotte, NC and it was such an amazing learning experience for me. So much so that I purchased a ticket to one of the 2012 events before even knowing where it would be. I was crossing my fingers that they would come to Cincinnati, Ohio again, but no luck this year. Once the locations and dates were announced, I couldn’t pass up heading to warm and sunny Texas at the end of February. After Dark is an amazing educational experience for photographers of any level. I will be posting images when I get back and more information on the entire trip. I am excited to be able to learn from such a variety of photographic mentors while I’m there.

Since I will be on information overload while I’m gone, I won’t be able to respond to emails or phone calls while in Dallas. If you contact me, know that I’m not forgetting about you and I will be returning all messages by March 5th when I return to Columbus.

While trying to decide which image to use to go along with this blog post, I realized that I have been a very bad dog mom. I haven’t shown an updated picture of puppy Spencer. I took this photograph of him in October when I was practicing some lighting setups. Spencer can certainly rock the head tilt, that’s for sure. I promise to be a better dog mom and take more photographs of the “kids” once it’s not so muddy outside and we can play at the park. And if I’m really lucky, I’ll finally be able to get a photograph of both dogs together, but I’m not crossing my fingers since my own children are so much harder to work with than clients’ dogs.

rescue puppy portrait on blue chair

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