The Winners of the 2012 Cutest Dog In Columbus Contest!

Who’s the cutest dog in Columbus? Carter! With over 100 votes this stunning 3-year-old Golden Retreiver/Australian Shepherd Mix won this year’s contest. The runner up is Rudy, a mixed breed. I’m so excited that I’ll have the opportunity to photograph both of these great looking guys. I must say, it made me smile that the dog with the Pittsburgh Steelers toy came in first place. George and I are huge Steelers fans. Hopefully Carter’s mom will bring along more Black and Gold accessories for his session. Below the winner’s photos are the bios that were submitted with their entries. Both dogs have a great story!

Cutest Dog in Columbus 2012 Winners

Carter, the grand prize winner, is a 3-year-old Golden Retreiver/Australian Shepherd mix.
This dashing fellow is Carter. He is a 3 year old golden retriever/Australian shepherd mix. Carter loves life, and just about everyone in it! Carter was a rescue pound pup who had a rough start in life and almost died of parvo. Luckily with some great care, he made a full recovery and lives life to the fullest these days. He is always up for a new adventure and is ready to go in the blink of an eye. He is a true socialite and charms anyone and everyone in his path. Carter loves the water, especially the beach. He dives straight into the waves and then comes out to bask in the sun. He also loves jumping on the boat and riding across the lake with the wind blowing in his hair. Along with his passion for water, Carter loves football. His favorite team is the Steelers and he roots faithfully for his team every week with his brother and sister (they are cats, Thomas and Lexi) after he herds them together to watch the game. Carter loves to have his picture taken and would appreciate your vote.

Rudy, the runner up, is a 9-year-old mix breed.
Rudy had an unlucky start to his life, and I was lucky enough to have him come into mine! He was born to a stray in an old, abandoned house in a, let’s say, “undesirable” neighborhood. After avoiding rescue workers for a few days, Rudy and his siblings were found after the workers pried up some rotten floorboards. He was taken to be cleaned, cared for and eventually – adopted! After 2 previous owners decided they weren’t ready for a puppy, Rudy and I found each other and I like to think that it was a perfect match for both of us from the get-go. He is the perfect blend of calm, playful, sweet and submissive and has been just the best addition to my life. I can’t think of a better way to honor him than a photo shoot and a beautiful canvas portrait hanging on the wall!

 Thank you to everyone that entered in this year’s contest! And if you did not enter your dog for the 2012 contest, check back next February for details on the 2013 contest!

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