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It has been about two months since my last visit to photograph the adoptable animals. Between the holidays, some wonderful sinus infections, the insane cold spell we have had this winter and setting up the new studio — there just hasn’t been a break in my schedule. I had planned on going to Alchemy Acres earlier last week, but with the high being a whopping 4 degrees the day I was scheduled, we decided it would be best to wait. When I went on Friday it was like a heat wave – if you want to call 30 degrees hot!

As a pet photographer, I always want to take home one or two of the animals when I am there. But this time, Coco melted my heart. She is currently in a foster home, so she does not have a crate at the rescue. She was the first one I photographed and she stuck around the entire time waiting for her foster family to pick her back up. They estimate that Coco is about 3-years-old. This sweet girl was at an Amish puppy mill and was more than likely a breeding dog. What a happy pup she is! She was thrilled to see and possibly play with any dog or cat that came in to have their photos taken. One of the cats had no interest in her at all and there was some hissing going on from the kitty. When Coco wasn’t checking out the other
animals, she would hang out right next to me. There were times when she would just crawl up in my lap as I was sitting on the floor. If I wasn’t currently in a rental house at my 3 pet limit, this loving little girl would have come home with me immediately.

Of course there was more than just Coco while I was there. Puppies, older dogs, cats and kittens. Every single one has a story of how they ended up at the shelter. Some the owners had passed away and there was no one in the family that wanted to take on a pet. Others were found on the side of the road and brought in by the folks that found them. Some had owners that just were no longer able to take care of them.

If you have room in your home for a new pet, take a look at the adoptables below and check out Alchemy Acres website for the full list of pets looking for their forever homes.

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