Photographer Headshots in Youngstown

It is always such an honor when other photographers contact me to photograph them! They could choose a number of other professional photographers and they pick me … it is humbling to say the least. I had a trip planned to visit family in Boardman, Ohio for a weekend and let everyone know I would be offering photography sessions as well, while in town. Tarisha saw my announcement on my Facebook page about some openings in my schedule. She quickly contacted me after seeing the post for more information. She is just starting her journey into the photography business and it was time for her to have some professional headshots for her own website.

Just like most photographers I know (including me), Tarisha was not looking forward to being on the other side of the camera. I am not sure what it is, but for some reason, photographers prefer to create beautiful images but not be in them!! We had a fun and casual photo session and I was able to  quickly put her at ease about being in front of the lens. My favorite place to photograph when I am home, is Downtown Youngstown and Tarisha agreed that it would be a great area for her photos. Downtown is a perfect urban backdrop with a lot of history and texture all around. We met up at 11 am and it was already a hot and humid day. The good news is we did not walk too far and stayed in the shade as much as possible!!

I had to chuckle when she saw the final images. She said that if more of her photos turned out like these, she might not have such an aversion to being photographed. Thank you so very much Tarisha for entrusting me to create some fun headshots of you for your business!


portrait photographer headshot in downtown Youngstown

black and white female photograph youngstown

photographer with cameara photo


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