Portraits of Three Beautiful Dogs in Gahanna

In May, I had photographed Julie’s dog, Gigi the Miniature Goldendoodle, at her parents property. I loved this piece of land and had a fantastic session. Not long after that, Julie’s brother-in-law, Mark, contacted me about photographing his dogs. He and his wife Jennie were interested in a photo session of their own, again at the parents’ home. This time around it would be for three beautiful dogs. I told Jennie, I felt like pretty soon I would need to start paying rent to their parents if I kept coming there to photograph!

When I arrived at the home, I had three very interested dogs come running towards me to see who was there. These three pups could not have had more different personalities! Murphy is the oldest at 11-years-old and is an extremely laid-back Golden Retriever. She would have preferred to just hang out in the mulch and take a nap instead of posing for photographs. Then there is Cappie who is a 9-year-old Border Collie Mix who started out the shyest of the group, being a rescue. I was afraid he would continue to be super shy, but actually warmed up to me and my treat bag and was an amazing model. Last but definitely not least is the baby of the group, Maddie, a Flat Coated Retriever who is just shy of 2-years-old. Before we even got started, she had already made her way into the baby pool one or two times. We’re not taking walk in and out — she was fully in the pool flopping around with her toys.

I had a blast working with and photographing all three dogs. Murphy was the hardest of the group to photograph, I really wanted images with her ears perked up, she really wanted to go take a nap. No matter how many treats I offered or noises I made, her ears would not perk up! Julie decided to drop a leaf behind me and it completely caught her attention. We were able to get some lovely photos with the help of some dropping leaves and gravel.

Below are a few of my favorite photographs from this session – it was hard to narrow it down because they all did amazing and I think we had a great session. Thank you to Mark and Jennie for having me out to capture their furbabies!


golden retriever photography ohio

Murphy is a beautiful Golden Retriever


dog photographer columbus ohio


cute dog photography

Cappie should really consider becoming a dog model with that face!


Border-Collie-Mix dog portrait

dog laying in grass with ball

Maddie decided to take a break from playing in the dog pool to hang out in the grass – but just for a minute.


Flat Coated Retriever posing for the camera

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